Comedy TV Pilot Script


TV Pilot Scripts may be up to 32 pages and must be in the genre of comedy.

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Submission Copy Formats

  • Paper (Printed Hard Copy)
  • If emailing:
    • PDF (.pdf)
    • Microsoft Word (.doc)


TV Pilot Scripts may be up to 32 pages and in the genre of comedy.

  • All submissions must be COMEDY screenplays, in English.
  • Scripts may not be optioned, produced or purchased.
  • Scripts must be in industry standard format; 12 point courier font, 3-hole punch, brads, white paper, front and back card stock cover, double spaced, body pages correctly numbered.
  • No writer’s name should appear anywhere in script.
  • Scripts must be the original work of the writer. Multiple writer’s are allowed. If the script is a finalist, the writers will divide the prize amongst themselves.
  • Feature Scripts should be no more than 130 pages. Short Scripts and TV Pilots should be no more than 32 pages.
  • Do not include any additional materials with your submission.
  • No Shooting Scripts.
  • It is strongly recommended that scripts be copyrighted with the Library of Congress.
  • Fees must be paid online and Entry Form must be included with submission.
  • All applicants must be 18 years of age at time of signing release.
  • Under no circumstances will substitutions of corrected pages or new drafts of submitted screenplays be accepted.
  • Entry fees will not be returned or adjusted.
  • Selection of the winner will be made by the Palm Springs Comedy Festival and may not be contested.
  • I understand that the PSCF may decide to increase or decrease the number of finalists at its sole discretion and reserves the right to grant less than or no awards, at its sole discretion, if a lesser number of, or no entries meet the submissions requirements and/or industry standards of excellence.
  • Multiple entries are permissible, but each entry must be accompanied by a separate Entry Form and fee.


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