Best Student Short:
“Five Stars”
Marvin Zana, New York

Audience Favorite Short:
“This is Ed!”
Bob Hiltermann, Los Angeles, CA

Best Conceptual Short Comedy:
Hidde de Vries, Netherlands

Best Director, Short Comedy Film:
“House of the Lonesome Human Beings”
Zheng Nie, China

Best Animated Comedy Short:
“Melon Shorts”
Mike Shiell, Canada/California

Best Original Short Comedy:
“The Old Men”
Jordan Inconstant, France

Best Foreign Short Comedy:
“Pink & Quilted”
Frederic Chane-son, France

Best Romantic Comedy Short:
“Kubrick by Candlelight”
David O’Reilly, United Kingdom

Best Animated TV Comedy Pilot:
“The Dirty Butts”
Jeremy Spencer, Las Vegas, NV

Best Comedy TV Pilot:
“Life’s a Bit”
Nicole Blaine, Los Angeles, CA

Best Standup Comedian:
Renaldo Evans, Jacksonville, FL

Best Late Night Comedy or Variety Show Pilot:
“Laugh After Dark”
Kelsey Borlan Lee, Los Angeles, CA

Best Original Comedy Web Series:
“Homo Sapiens”
Joel Melancon, Montreal, Quebec Canada

Best of Fest Comedy Web Series:
Chris Naylor, Matt Mullins, Los Angeles, CA

Best Foreign Comedy Web Series:
“Dave & Theo”
David Hoey, Australia

Best Conceptual Comedy Web Series:
“How Me Parent Good & You Can Too!”
Wenny Jynter, Australia

Best Feature Film:
“Say My Name”
Jay Stern, Jamie Schneider, United Kingdom

Best Comedy Music Video:
“Bigfoot’s Love Slave”
Heather Tom, Los Angeles, CA

Best Musical Comedy Short:
“You Can’t Doo That”
Carolyn Paine, Boston, MA

Best Sketch Comedy Web Series:
“Enemies of Dorothy”
Ryan Fisher, Los Angeles, CA

Audience Favorite Comedy Feature:
“Gender Bender”
Richard Lampone, New York

Feature Film Comedy Screenplay
“Charlie Chaplin Part 2”
Ian T. Burns, UK

Best TV Pilot Comedy Screenplay
“Remotely Working”
Bill Baber, California